5 Ways To Keep Your Inner Creative Alive

     With apps and websites, there are so many ways to stay in touch with your artistic community. Many of these apps and sites are great ways to even build a new community, group, or even one on one teams. Some of the listed sites invite you to indulge in free classes, workshops and you […]

3 Ways To Save Money While Working From Home

Working from home can have many advantages. No pants Mondays. Tacos all day Tuesday! Getting into the groove of being home a lot more may mean we get a little lazy. Getting lazy means less trips outside, more online spending on frivolous things. Right now would be the best time to start saving more money […]

Top 5 Video Sharing Apps To Stay Intouch With Loved Ones.

Since social distancing has been put into effect, it has been hard to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Doctors appointments to playdates have now resorted to downloading video conferencing apps like zoom. Zoom has found itself in tons of controversies after its privacy practices have been called into question. The app has […]