Top 5 Video Sharing Apps To Stay Intouch With Loved Ones.

Since social distancing has been put into effect, it has been hard to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Doctors appointments to playdates have now resorted to downloading video conferencing apps like zoom. Zoom has found itself in tons of controversies after its privacy practices have been called into question. The app has stated that they are working to address the privacy issues. Until these Privacy bug spies are smashed, I have compiled 5 different apps that have been proven to be a lot more privacy friendly, Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Whats App
Android, IOS, Desktop friendly
The facebook owned app is available on the web or your smartphone lets you send sms messages for free support group chats with up to 256 people and video and audio calls whats app is a great option for family and friends that might not have the latest smartphone or the same operating system as you.

Google Duo
IOS Android Nest
Google duo supports audio and video calls Duo can support up to 12 people on a call at once and works on mobile devices also web browsers and smart displays like Google nest hub max. Video voicemails and a cool call feature that works like a front door peephole to whoever’s calling you.

Allows Apple users to video and audio call over cellular, and Wifi when cellular is not available. FaceTime allows up too 30 people in a group video chat. Facetime intergrates with Imessage, so you can start a video with a text chat message

Android ans IOS
Signal is considered to be the most private messaging app. Signal uses its open sourced signal protocal to ensure upstanding privacy. d
Development is supported by users. Use the built in image editing features to sketch, Crop, and flip your outgoing photos. Despite the added layers of security. Signal is simple to use and is free on android and IOS. Desktop not available for video calls, Audio only.

Android, IOS, MacOS, Webbrowser
Houseparty requires a mobile phone SMS verification to create your account. You can connect your facebook contacts to add them to your house party calls. You can create a link to add people to your party or search for any user on the service and send a request for them to accept your add. You can lock it to prevent others from joining maximum participants is eight.

I hope that these video sharing app make it easy to stay intouch with loved ones.
These options are simple to use and download to either android or apple iphone users.Which video sharing app are you excited about using?