Youtube Videos for Kindergarten-Age Children

Kids of all ages are spending a lot more time with electronics, whether it be smart phones, tablets, or computers. Children at a very young age are glued to some form of a screen. It gets tough to monitor every single program our children are watching, especially when caring for multiple children. Our very little ones are more vulnerable to the rabbit hole of YouTube. From doctors’ offices to the back of mom’s car, toddlers have phones or tablets to entertain them – even during meal time.

A huge chunk of YouTube’s programming is unsuitable or even dangerous for kids. With supervision your kids can learn things you want them to learn. Here are some great educational  YouTube channels for the little bean in your life. 

All About Nouns

*All About Nouns is a YouTube channel that offers free schooling. Mastering grammar can be hard work but free school videos teach the basics of grammar understandable to kindergarten-age children.

Sci Show 

*Subscribe to Sci Show and give your child the ability to explore the unexpected: What’s gluten? Why do cats purr? Why can’t dogs eat chocolate? You and the kids can explore these fascinating questions and many more.

Word World

*Word World provides videos that help children build their vocabularies using rhyme, colorful characters and catchy music.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

*Cosmic Kids Yoga features videos that teach mindfulness geared towards kids aged 3 and up. The channel is also interactive. The instructor guides viewers on a make-believe walk through a forest or into a rocket to outer space. The exercises help build strength and balance and encourage kids to use their imagination. 

Houston Zoo

*Kids will love the behind the scenes content featured on the Houston Zoo Channel! The videos show the inner workings of the zoo and offer behind-the-scenes access to furry and feathered friends. This is a must for young animal lovers.

What are some of the activities on this list do you miss the most? Youtube is also a great hub of finding amazing ARGs as well to explore even more magical places with the kids, even outer space!