3 Ways To Save Money While Working From Home

Working from home can have many advantages. No pants Mondays. Tacos all day Tuesday! Getting into the groove of being home a lot more may mean we get a little lazy. Getting lazy means less trips outside, more online spending on frivolous things. Right now would be the best time to start saving more money and building your money saving intelligence. 

Save on groceries 

Who doesn’t want to save money groceries! No more takeout every night. By planning out your meals each week and taking a good look at what you already have in your pantry before heading out 

If your real penny pintching on Saving money on groceries try grocery pick up. Most major grocery stores offer this service (sometimes for free) this is valuable because picking up your groceries gets rid of any temptation you would’ve had once you had the scent of fresh rotisserie chicken roasting in the meat section. 

Cancel automatic subscriptions and memberships

Its the best Tim you cancel any subscriptions you don’t use on the regular consider membership sharing with some family members. Sharing with some family or friends on the subscription you want to keep. Many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu let you stream your favorite shows on two of more screens. 

Cable is for dinosaurs (that don’t like to save money) 

We all know by now that cable tv is a scam. Your bill fluxuates month to month, there’s never anything to watch, and all your favorite shows you can just stream online 

Cut the cord with cable and start full time streaming. Invest in a fire stick, there is also Apple TV. For the full on streaming experience there are also start tvs that only require a strong internet connection 

These options are just a small fraction of the many ways one can save money. with these simple tools and staying on track, who knows you could have that shiny new car you’ve had your eye on!