5 Creative Hobbies You Should Try

A hobby is an excellent way to spend your leisure time when you want a break from your busy life. Hobbies keep your mind engaged, are a great outlet to express your creativity, and most of all, are fun and enjoyable for people of all ages. Many hobbies are hands-on and involve skill building, which can give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. They can also be therapeutic and great activities for reducing stress and anxiety. There’s no right or wrong way to partake in a hobby, so find one that piques your interest.

We listed 5 creative hobby ideas below you should try out:

  1. Sketching or Painting: this is a very versatile hobby where you can create almost any image using different mediums from charcoal pencils, markers, watercolor or acrylic paints, and many more. Digital artwork is also a popular choice for many; you can create great works of art just using a tablet and stylus pen.
  1. Play an Instrument: learning to play an instrument can bring lifelong enjoyment. Try finding a local instructor who offers lessons or watch YouTube tutorial videos, both can be great resources for beginners learning how to read notes and playing instrument chords and keys. Popular instruments you can play include: keyboard, piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, clarinet, and harmonica.
  1. Pottery: this hobby can enable you to learn to create many fascinating pieces such as sculptures, plates, mugs, vases, etc. A great way for beginners to dip their toes into pottery is starting with air dry clay to get the feel of molding clay and using different shaping tools. You can also check if your community offers local lessons for beginners to learn the ins and outs of pottery such as different types of clay, glazes, pottery wheel-throwing techniques, and kilns from experienced instructors.
  1. Crocheting or Knitting: you can crochet or knit anything – from clothing, blankets, stuffed animals, wearable accessories, or home decor, the possibilities are endless. To get started, you’ll need knitting needles or a crochet hook and some yarn. You can use books or the internet as resources to learn different stitches and crochet/knitting patterns, and once you get the hang of it, can move onto more difficult and intricate patterns.
  1. Photography: whether you have a professional camera or just using a smartphone, both devices can be great at capturing images through a lens. Photography is great for saving special moments in time and recording people, places, or events. You’ll be able to show off your creative expression by shooting different landscapes or subjects, and you might have loads of fun learning and experimenting with different lighting and lens settings.