5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Home

No matter the size of your home, having extra space to store your belongings is always welcome. Whether you’re tight on space and looking for clever ways to expand or simply looking for new storage ideas to conceal your clutter, we listed 5 tips below to help maximize storage space in your homes.

  1. Use vacuum-sealed storage bags: compressing your bulky clothing and linens (such as seasonal clothing, pillows, or spare fluffy comforters) in vacuum storage bags not only saves space, but also protects these items from dirt, insects, mildew, and odors. You can get specific vacuum storage bags with valves or simply use plastic trash bags; both should work when inserting your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle for air compression.
  1. Use closet accessories: using thin non-slip velvet hangers or collapsible hangers that allow you to store multiple items per hanger are great items to utilize in your closets if you’re looking to expand your closet space to make room for new clothing items.
  1. Take advantage of vertical space: if you have an empty wall, a great way to utilize this space is to install floating shelves, hooks, or brackets with storage rods for additional storage space. This method is ideal for storing and displaying your growing book collection, decor, plants, or even dinnerware and utensils if used in your kitchen.
  1. Invest in furniture that doubles as storage: having furniture pieces with built-in hidden storage compartments such as ottomans, lift-top coffee tables, couches and beds with underneath storage, and many more are multifunctional pieces that not only serve a purpose, but also maximize your home’s storage space.
  1. Expandable or folding furniture: Murphy beds that fold out of a cabinet or your wall are an excellent option for having in your guest rooms. This piece of furniture gives you the ability to use the room for other purposes, while also being able to fold down into a spare bed for when you’re expecting the occasional houseguest. Folding desks or dining tables with removable leaf extensions are other great pieces that give you the same ability and option of more table space for when you need it.