Top 5 Prepaid Phone Plans

Cell phone plans can be very expensive when financing your phone the total monthly cost for some phone plans can be astronomical. These five prepaid cell phone plans can save you  up to $150 from some contracted phone plans. You also have the option to bring your old cell phone from your previous plan or up to purchase a new phone at discount prices.

1 Mint Mobile 

Starting at  $15 a month for the first three months after what is “your tryout trial” will renew for just $25 a month, Mint Mobile has the option to purchase a  new phone, or you can bring your own. 

2  T-Mobile connect 

The plan includes 2 GB of data. The monthly cost is only $15. Data grows by 500 MB of data every year. If youd like more data, you can opt for the 5 GB of data for $25 

3  Verizon wireless prepaid 

Smart phone plan starting at $35 a month. You get 4 GB of data. You can Bring your own phone or purchase a new one. 

4 visible mobile 

For $25, Your first month your plan will renew for $40 a month after. Single line unlimited high-speed data free for as long as you remain a visible member. Unlimited data,messages, and talk. Mobile hotspot also included. 

5  Boost Mobile 

$50 a month the unlimited gig plan with a Tidal music subscription and hotspot. Data included, and for a limited time if you sign up online for a family plan you get a whopping 30 GB of mobile hotspot to share plus upgrade to HD video streaming.

I hope these phone plans will help you with cutting cost on your monthly phone bill.