Top 5 Mini Projectors On Amazon

Having more time home means more time to catch up on some missed episodes of your favorite shows. Now yes your TV is great and obvious option of viewing these coveted episodes but what about creating your own home theater

Projectors are a great option now mini projectors are even better. Their portable small enough to fit in your back pocket and are simple to operate.

Hanging out at the beach, laying around in the backyard, quick movie theater set up as simple as tying up a sheet to a nearby tree, aim your mini projector and enjoy those episodes of Star Trek.

These five mini projectors will give you an idea of the great deals for under $100 on Amazon

1 The Pico Projector 5999

Comes in black or yellow no bigger than an iPhone 6. This projector fits in your pocket. Powered by a power bank which makes it perfect for travel. The projector can connect to a smart phone also has a HDMI slot

2 DeepLee Portable Projector 5999

This projector has a micro SD port USB streaming HDMI and smart phone connection. It’s under 1 pound and also has a built in speaker. Has a projector size of 3.3 to 10 feet the deeply projector is a great option for travel

3 Goodee Mini Projector 6599

Comes in blue connects via HDMI smart phone laptop has a built-in speaker has great sound quality you can also connected to eternal speakers to meet higher quality sound at just under 4 inches long and under 1 pound this projector has 24 to 60 inch project size.

  4 Meer YG 220Pico LCD video projector $79.99

Connect by Bluetooth USB lightning HDMI has a built in speaker. Project size of 24 to 80″ 5″ in diameter and has a weight of about 1.38 pounds.

5  Irulu Mini Projector at $99.99

This home theater is palm size with HDMI ports smart phone connection also has a headphone jack for private viewing has a 28 to 85 inch projector screen size.

These projectors are great for movie time with the family or even a great mini theater set up for the kids playroom. These projectors a compact so easy to take anywhere what I did notice about all of these projectors where it’s not recommended to use as business in school presentations I feel it’s a security concern so please take note.

Which projector do you think is the best what attributes do you think are the most sensible and why comment and let me know!