Top 5 Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom

Since quarantine,  we’re sure you have spent lots of time in your bedroom like most of us have. By now, you may be wanting to create a fresher space without getting rid of what already have. Think about adding a simple throw pillow, a new beautiful plant on the bookshelf even a new mirror. Here are five useful ways to refresh your bedroom.

1.Mirrors And Wall Art

Hanging art on your walls or placing fixtures on your ceilings can really make your space come alive. Personal art work and photographs can also help create a bedroom that’s personal to you.

2.Textures And Patterns

Adding throw pillows, cushions, and curtains will help give your bedroom a cozy and welcoming feel by adding fabrics and textures that will make it feel relaxing and inviting, Try warm tones and bright textiles which match well.

3. Declutter

One of the most effective ways to create a calm tranquil room is by de-cluttering your space. Adding attractive yet useful organization to put away belongings that do not need to out add a nice feng shui to any room.

4. Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to spice up your space and is perfect for renters. The wallpaper can easily be peeled from the wall when moving. Try only covering one wall in the bedroom for a bold statement. A wall full of color and patterns might be what you need.

5. Rug

Simply adding a rug beside the bed is a perfect way to spruce up your bedroom. From shag carpets, cowhide, and sheepskin adding a carpet can make your bedroom feel ultra-comfortable.

Which one of these simple yet transformative ideas will you be incorporating into your new bedroom refresh session? Let us know in the comments!