How to Save for Your Next Getaway Trip

You may think saving for a vacation requires long-term and major adjustments to your spending habits to make progress. However, making little changes to your daily habits prove to be very beneficial and put you in the right direction of reaching your financial goals.

Below, we listed multiple ways to help you save money and jumpstart your travel plans:

Take advantage of flash sales

Airlines frequently offer flash sales on their flight tickets. However, these deals tend to sell out quickly and you’ll have to move fast. To easily find these flash sales, we recommend joining travel groups on Facebook, where you’ll be able to find other experienced budget-conscious travelers who post flash sales on the daily. You could also sign up for email updates on Google Flights, who’ll track your desired routes and notify you when prices drop.

Pay for travel tickets in installments

For those who can’t purchase a large sum of tickets upfront, Airfordable makes it possible to buy flight tickets for a fraction of the cost upfront and pay off the balance in an easy, flexible payment plan prior to your departure date. Some airlines may also allow you to purchase your flight tickets and pay in installments using buy now, pay later companies such as Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, and others.

Eat at home

If you’re saving up for travel, consider cutting down on your dining expenses. Buying a daily cup of coffee and eating out for every meal can seriously add up and put a strain on your wallet. Instead, you could opt for brewing coffee at home, meal prepping, and preparing homemade dinners. However, eating at home doesn’t have to be boring, consider hosting home-cooked dinner nights for your friends and bring the experience of dining out to your place.

Limit alcohol consumption or drink at home

Drinking alcohol is another huge money-spending habit, especially for those who often enjoy social gatherings out at bars or having a nice bottle of wine at dinner. If you’re someone who loves these things but are also trying to save some money, consider sipping at home with a group of friends. You could also be your own bartender and learn how to make your favorite cocktails at home.