5 Mini Dessert Ideas

Mini desserts are having a moment now in the baking world! I personally like eating delicious confections when they’re miniature sized and guilt-free! Here are my five favorite types of mini desserts I enjoy baking when hosting parties or dinners:

  1. Mini cupcakes: Mini cupcakes can be very fun and aesthetically pleasing when done with a bit of creativity. I personally like making mini devil’s food flavored cupcakes with a peanut butter cupcake filling, lightly salted peanut butter frosting, and top them with semisweet mini chocolate chips!
  2. Mini French macarons: French Macarons can be difficult to execute successfully, so expect a bit of a challenge if you’re inspired to bake these. Macarons are an attractive mini dessert option because they are super sophisticated, delicious, and versatile to play around with in terms of flavoring!
  3. Mini molten lava cakes: Chocolate molten lava cakes are so decadent and smooth on the tongue- add some extra charm by making them miniature sized. Trying a red velvet flavored cake can even add some holiday spirit to the dessert!
  4. Mini pecan tassies: This pecan pie and shortbread cookie combination dessert is an elegant mini dessert option. This buttery confection almost melts in the mouth with the perfect amount of tart-like crumble.
  5. Mini apple pies: Using a cupcake tin, you can easily convert your favorite apple pie recipe into mini pies! Homemade apple pie is such a warm and spiced dessert that is sure to add a lot of charm and flavor to any dinner experience.