5 Fun Volunteer Work Ideas

Are you looking for an easy way to give back to the world and help make a positive difference in other people’s lives? Volunteer work is an amazing way to both feel good about yourself and help others feel good at the same time. There are many types of volunteer work, and each can be very fulfilling. Here are 5 of my favorite and fun ideas for volunteer work:

  1. Sing/play music at a local hospital: If you can sing or play a musical instrument, head on over to your local hospital to cheer up recovering patients of any age! This will put a smile on so many faces that may be suffering or dealing with losses.
  2. Volunteer at a local Feeding America food bank: Feeding America, an organization that helps bring food to the tables of Americans all over the United States, has local food banks in many locations. You can volunteer to assist them package, deliver, and stock food on shelves that will help feed the needy.
  3. Fundraise for a charity organization: Fundraising is a great way to volunteer for an organization that needs funds to keep running their programs. Hold a lemonade stand, car wash, bake sale, or Chinese auction in order to help your favorite charity from the outside in.
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter: Animal shelters can always use help taking care of animals and spreading awareness of their shelter. If you like taking care of pets, offer your services at the local shelter in your community or city to help relieve some pressure off the shelters.
  5. Try free tutoring to help students: Passionate about teaching and helping children in education? Offer to tutor public school students for free to help gain experience with children and teaching, while helping kids succeed in their educational pursuits. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!